Friday, 8 August 2014

Sacred Dance Party - Are You Game?

I recently watched The Secret again to brush up on my knowledge of the Law of Attraction.  Since then I’ve been way more aware of my thoughts and what I’m manifesting into my world.  But I was still plagued with the thought, can we really make our thoughts become our reality??

Well last yesterday, I became a total believer and I danced the night away with 40 other women, I was hot, sweaty, wild, uninhibited – I was FREE!

So lets start at the beginning on how I came to be at a crazy dance party at 6pm on a Friday night.

I was lying in bed a few weeks ago when the thought just hit me, I feel like going out and dancing all night, I want to feel the music and move without a care in the world I want to just feel in my body and not in my head.  My next thought – I need to get my hands on some MDMA stat!

But hold up… I don’t do that stuff anymore, where are these thoughts coming from - but I desperately wanted to move and feel free and I don’t know any other way…

The weeks passed since that thought, I still wanted to go out and move but the opportunity hadn’t presented itself, it was just left as a burning desire in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to the beginning of this week and I’m starting on my 6 Week – Drunk In Love – Transformation Project.  I’m learning and absorbing all information I can that will assist me in achieving my goals and help me to transform my life.  I was listening to Connie Chapman’s - Awaken Radio – and she was interviewing Susana Frioni.  I’d never even heard of this woman, but that interview gave me so many AHA moments that I had to find out more of what this woman had to teach.

Fast forward to Thursday and I stumbled across her podcast station, I promptly downloaded all episodes and started listening.  On Friday I was driving home from the coast, listening to her podcasts, totally in awe to the new, out there, game changing information that I was soaking up.  I needed to meet this woman. 

Now this is where the universe comes into play…

I got home from the coast and thoughtlessly started checking my emails on my phone.  There was a hell of a lot of Facebook notification emails that I normally delete straight away without second thought, but just this once I decided to open up this message.

A beautiful acquaintance was gifting a ticket to a Susan Frioni Dance Party, happening that night – WHOLEY MOTHA!!! I NEED THAT TICKET!

So I promptly messaged the beautiful Kelle (check her site out over here) and she passed her ticket onto me – I was going to this dance party, I was going to meet this woman who was literally changing the way I was thinking about myself, my desires and literally about SEX full stop.

Sacred Dance Party!!

When I got there, I got hit with this sudden realization… WHAT in the HECK have I got myself into?!  I don’t do sober dance parties, what is everyone going to think of me, I’m literally going to be standing in the corner all by myself, I don’t know a single sole here, everyone is going to be so free and I’m going to be rigid as all heck, maybe I should leave…

Feel the FEAR and do it ANYWAY.

So in I went, trying to let go of all attachments, all expectations and just be there in the moment… Easier said than done.

Susana started us off with a shake to loosen up, a little meditation (which admittedly got me feeling super anxious again instead of relaxed) and then we wrote what we wanted to get out of the evening in our journals:

I want to feel wild and free, to be open, feel the music, to let go and get in touch with my inner goddess.”

Then the music began and we stood still, we felt the music penetrate our souls.  Not being able to move and just feel the music build up inside you is an awesome feeling.  Then we danced.

Susana guided us through the first hour of dance, we danced on our own, with partners, in straight lines, stomping, free movement.

Then out came the blind folds.

That’s when I really felt free and was able to let go and come into my own.  That’s when I felt wild and in touch, for me this is when the magik happened.

Now we’ve come full circle, O universe you crazy kid!

It all started with a burning desire to go out, get wasted and dance my little heart out – it ended up being something way more beautiful and gratifying.

Wild, Courageous, Sensual, Erotic, Calm, Liberated - FREE

+ For more on Susana Frioni and her dance party’s, click here.

++ To check out fellow health coach, and the awesome chick who gifted me her ticket, click here.

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  1. That is such an accurate summary Nic. Feeling the fear, doing it anyway, and in this case, coming out of the LSD Sacred Dance party dripping in sweat and grinning from ear to ear!

    - with love -


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