Sunday, 26 January 2014

Re-charge your intentions for 2014

January, hot summer heat waves that have soared through our beautiful country, long sunlit days, cooling down in the ocean, slightly sunburnt skin, connecting with some beautiful minds, catching up on some reading, hottest 100, relaxing with an iced herbal tea, drinking straight from coconuts, spending time with the love of my life and staying true to intentions set at the beginning of the month.  This has been the best January yet and such a great way to begin 2014.

With February knocking right on Januarys door, I want to keep the momentum that I created at the beginning of January flowing right into February.  For me this means revisiting my intentions set for 2014.  I'm trying to work towards something that feels right for me in 2014 as apposed to setting a goal.  For example my goal in 2013 was:

to loose 10kg and get up on stage in my green bikini on the 23rd of May for my first ever INBA bikini/fitness model competition
You know what I did achieve this goal and it felt brilliant standing proud on stage with some of Brisbane's most beautiful women.  It was a privilege and a moment in life that I will cherish forever.  But I was so intent on that 1 GOAL that I lost sight of everything and everyone else around me, it ended up consuming my whole year as I considered doing it all again in 2014.  I ended the year feeling deflated and running around in circles chasing something that just didn't feel right to me.

Thinking about what make's me feel amazing, and chasing a feeling of true happiness is what has carried me into 2014, and I'm keeping on track with that by adapting and evolving my intentions for each month as new opportunities come my way.

By taking off the blinkers and being open to new opportunities and new ways of thinking, I have opened a door to endless possibilities and am more open and willing to accept guidance in all areas of my life.

Here is a little exercise that you can do at the end of each month to help keep driving your power right into February and beyond.

Find some time (at least 30mins) that you can dedicate to yourself without any interruption.  Grab your favourite journal and a pen.  Answer these questions for yourself coming into the new month.

How do you feel after the month just passed?

What positive changes did you make and what did you learn?

How did focusing on this area affect other areas of your life?

What are 5 things you have been grateful for?

What are 3 things you did in the month passed that have left you feeling empowered and above all happy?

I hope this exercise leaves you feeling empowered and committed to turning your dreams into a reality.  Want a little extra motivation, subscribe to receive my weekly email (click on subscribe above).

Also if you are a healthy foodie come along to The Pot Luck Picnic Instameet on the 15 Feb 2014.  It's a great way to connect with other like minded souls, want more information check out this post.

Sending out my love and motivation to you all.


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  1. Lovely post Nicole! Beautifully written.
    We're having a "goal night" at home tonight to try and create our own path rather than stay on the roller coaster.


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