Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stay True to Yourself by Overcoming Your Fears!

Being real, staying true to yourself, overcoming your fear, pushing through the boundaries that you set for yourself, your life is full of endless possibilities, there is enough abundance for each and every person on this earth, you just have to be willing, deeply and truly open to receiving all that it is you are looking for.
Whether you think you can or you think you can't, that will be true for you.
I've been trying a lot more lately to be a more real and authentic version of myself.  It's not always easy, and sometimes I catch myself being a fake.  I catch myself doing the opposite of what I preach, and not walking the talk, just talking the talk.  This sends me into a place of fear, it makes my ego's voice sound loud and clear in my head telling me I'm failing, if I can't even get this right, how can I possibly be a success in life.

Well I'm ready to face my fear of failing, I'm ready to face my ego head on, because today I am witnessing my fear of failing and I am proud to say that I'm working on overcoming it.  Everyone is always working on bettering them selves and this is just one step in the bigger picture for me, but one thing I can say is that each and everyday I'm getting closer to being an authentic version of myself.

What fears have come up for you lately, maybe you skipped going to the gym because you were worried about what people would think of you; or maybe you didn't speak up in the meeting at work, could you have a deep rooted fear that your ideas will be rejected? By paying close attention to your behaviour, you can begin to get honest about what fears you may have been denying.  By witnessing your fears, you begin to deal with them head on and eliminating them all together.

Try and answer these questions:

1. What experiences trigger my fear?
2. What thoughts trigger my fear?
3. What are the feelings that come over me when I am in fear?
4. How does my fear affect my behaviour?

Don't worry if you find it a little hard to write what your feeling in the beginning.  Just put pen to paper and see what comes up for you.  Once you have recognised your fear repeat the following affirmation:
I am willing to witness my fear, I am proud of myself for doing this work.

Let me know if the comments below what fears you are trying to overcome.



  1. Hey Nicole! Nice post - one of my fears is never really figuring out my purpose, not fulfilling my potential and looking back with regret when I'm older. I get this sense that I'm running out of time, like someone is soon going to blow a whistle and say 'time's up, you blew your chance!' But what you were saying the other weekend about tuning in to what feels good/right for you and following that, day by day, really struck a chord with me. It takes the pressure off having to figure everything out all at once but also gives me reassurance that if I follow what feels good/right I'll always be following the right path, even if I don't know where it leads (which really, we never really do). Hope you're having a happy Monday x

    1. Hey Claire! I love that that has resonated with you. I can honestly say the more that I think in this way the easier things are flowing into my life, it’s like I’m flexing my love muscle, just working it out every day ;). Hope you’re having a great Tuesday x


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