Thursday, 2 October 2014

Having fun and getting fit at the same time - Skyfit has the answer

Have you ever wanted to feel like a big kid and jump around with the absolute freedom of flight?  Do you like to have fun when you are getting fit, well Sky Zone has the answer.

A few weeks ago I was invited to come out and have a play at Sky Zone, the world's first indoor trampoline park.  Imagine hundreds of trampolines, all connected to form one massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls.  And jump off the walls is exactly what I did, after a 30 min session I was literally running and jumping into a spider man squat on the trampoline wall.
It was such an exhilarating feeling, jumping so high in the air, given the absolute freedom of flight, all the while I was getting a sneaky sweat up.  This was incidental exercise at it's absolute best.  These days I love any form of exercise that I'm laughing more than I'm recognising that I'm absolutely exhausted.

So next time that you are wanting to try something a little out of the ordinary, head out to Sky Zone in McGregor and give the Skyfit classes a a try.

+  For more information on the Skyfit classes check out the video below or click here.

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