Tuesday, 22 July 2014

4 Elements Diet and My Very First Attempt at Blogging

So I've gone to bed, tired and ready to fall asleep, but something is keeping me awake.  It's a drive and a push to do something more that is keeping me from falling asleep but I can't quiet work out what that is.  Maybe I'm just thirsty....

Well anyway, I got myself some water and was lying here scrolling through Instagram, yep 'cause that's going to help a sista fall asleep, not!  I then started thinking about my first ever blog that I started way back in 2011.  I called it 4 Elements Diet.  I had been sitting in bed one fateful Tuesday evening, around the same time as now and I remember I had been trolling through the internet in search of anything and everything and I came across a girl who had challenged herself to eat only foods that where provided from the Earth for 365 days (it was called the Earth Diet, you may or may not of heard of it?!)  So I was sitting up late on my laptop and was thinking, hey I should do my own version of this and blog about it!

And so 4 Elements Diet was born.  Here is my very first blog post, (killin' it in 2011).  Ok, so I had this thing that I didn't want to use capital letters ever... yeah I got over that, don't know where that came from, guess I thought I was being a game changer and leading the pack.  Second is the hideous theme, lol I was learning!

Anyway the point of this whole post was that re-reading my old blog got me really inspired.  I was someone who inspired me to make a change for the better for myself.  I've been inspired by my own determination from 3 years ago, my absolute authentic and pure passion for living a healthier and clean life.  My last journal entry ends at 61 days, I think that's when I threw the towel in.  I don't know why I did though, I do remember that I felt incredible, I was never stressed about food or my weight, I was loosing weight, it was falling off me effortlessly, I just knew that my body was finding it's balancing point I had this absolute belief that my excess weight would come off until my body was happy, I remember getting to a point that I never felt hungry because I always listened to my body's cues, I had boundless energy and my sex drive was through the roof!

I kinda want that back, that raw authentic energy, that passion and drive for inspiring others through my daily choices, I wonder if I can go 61 days of eating only un-processed foods?  

Could you?

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